Scaling LEADERSHIP involves developing the effectiveness of leaders—individually and collectively—and turning that leadership into a competitive advantage. This comprehensive book serves as a roadmap for those seeking to discover optimal leadership capabiliity.

According to industry experts, new skills and knowledge have a 79% higher probability of retention when reinforced by executive and peer coaching for collective development, therefore enhancing the sustainability of your talent development investments.


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Organizations face a host of challenges in today’s complex world – many are associated with traning and developing leaders as well as building and sustaining high performance teams for operational and strategic effectiveness. These challenges require both proven and emerging processes to address critical behaviours that lead to high performance.

Higher Ground is a management and leadership effectiveness consultancy, focused on transforming the way organizations learn and change. We leverage our integrated framework for leadership and talent development that is designed to build individual and organizational adaptive capacity. This framework includes assessment, skill and competency training, accredited executive coaching, and facilitation services for both individuals and teams.

Our focus is on our clients—individuals and organizations who are steadfast in their commitment toward personal, professional, or organizational learning, growth, and change. People who want to be beter, and do better, for the world.

We share in a purpose to elevate the practice of conscious leadership through exceptional Individual / Collective Leadership Development experiences that generate meaningful, measurable outcomes. Our clients report notable improvements in focus, effectiveness, productivity, efficiency, performance, engagement, employee retention, and stakeholder satisfaction, as a result.

The Leadership Circle

Leadership development must keep pace with change that is today's VUCA world. Our services are essential to meeting this challenge, and are designed for both individual and collective development. Learn more >>

Accredited Executive Coaching

We are a group of accredited and experienced professionals, aligned to the highest standards of practice, as well as a code of ethics, as governed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Learn more >>