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Leader To Leader

Higher Ground offers a series of Leader To Leader Skills & Competency Training courses or workshops for learning and development to support members of your leadership team, including high potentials, to reach specific goals and objectives. Referred to as the 'Leader To Leader' experience, our courses are focused on improved productivity and effectiveness and result in the achievement of growth objectives and enhanced business performance.

Clients can increase focus, accountability, engagement, and productivity through our highly informative, interactive half-day or full-day learning sessions. Built to help foster individual and team effectiveness for your organization and deliver extraordinary business results, these focused workshops offer valuable training, tools, and techniques that can be applied immediately, to elevate business performance.

We take care to ensure that our 'Leader To Leader' sessions are designed and delivered with efficiency, engagement, productivity, and actionable outcomes in mind.

We can assist you by understanding your current leadership process and challenges, helping you to identify and understand their impact and then implement new strategies and techniques to improve business performance within your organization. We offer an extensive range of training courses for skills and competency development, including the following topics:

Our Leader To Leader series, when assembled as a program, can be designed to meet the requirements for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, and includes:

  • In person (Workplace OR Classroom) training with our experienced course instructors
  • Minimum 30 hours of comprehensive training provided for each participant
  • Pre and Post-session assignments
  • Acess to additional learning resources and support
  • Printed training / course materials
  • Training evaluation
  • Certificate of Achievement for those who meet established evaluation criteria

Contact us to learn more about our 'Return on Investment' approach, where your organization may qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, that can offset as much as two-thirds of approved training costs, up to $10,000 funding per trainee.