According to a 2014 survey, 57% of organizations that hire executive coaches, and nearly 40% of executive coaches identify presence as “one of two top purposes for their coaching.” [The other being leadership development.]



Lara Masse is currently a Managing Partner to our people development practice.




Leadership Presence is not simply a good idea but an authentic set of principles and practices that allows one to embody their leadership potential. It is an essential attribute for any aspiring leader, senior manager, or executive—especially one who is leading during times of intense growth or change.

Influence & Impact

More and more organizations and individuals realize that not only do they need to manage well, they must also demonstrate their ability to inspire confidence, while uniting others in a common purpose, and toward a shared vision. In doing so, organizational goals and objectives have a higher probability of achievement.

Leadership Presence is not about exercising power and authority. Rather, it is the ability to influence the feelings of others, in particular, to feel recognized, valued, appreciated, and included. It is about creating an atmosphere of trust and belonging that inspires others to connect through their personal values, motivation, and commitment. It is about the opportunities created for others, to identify, experience, and continuously pursue their own potential while making important business contributions.

Tailored around the priorities of your organization, our Leadership Presence workshops provide a safe forum for the discovery of unique strengths, along with greater awareness, enhanced self-confidence, and alignment.

Designed for those who influence the climate and culture of your organization, we cover topics such as:

  • The context for leadership presence
  • Defining your values, behaviour, and competency
  • Questions that will change the way you lead
  • Shifting from experience and problem-solving toward exploration and possibility
  • The role of emotional contagions at work
  • Beyond communication: your leadership style
  • Work / life integration for win-win strategy design
  • Stakeholder dialogue that positively clarifies expectations while building trust in relationships

Workshop participants will understand more about the impact of their leadership, and the importance this has on both work satisfaction and professional success. This investment is sure to deliver inspiration, as those in attendance will discover how to more positively impact others, while leveraging authentic strengths to generate what is desired, at work and in life.