"It is not what you are going to do, but what you are doing now that counts."




A thoughtful and integrated approach to advance your success begins now.

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We live and work in congruence with our vision, purpose, and values. Working together with our clients, we take great joy in exploring the possibilities, and while experimenting with new beahviour in the discovery and pursuit of 'higher ground' and elevated leadership effectiveness.

Endeavoring to make a difference in all that we do, our values and beliefs influence our approach, and the results we generate when working in both a collaborative and co-create context with our clients.

What We Value

Authenticity. We show up in an authentic, courageous and high integrity manner – to stand up for what we believe in and openly share our perspectives. We respect this in others and we know that fostering this with stakeholders is liberating.

Clarity. For us, this means clear, concise, open, and deeply honest communication.

Community. We know that life is more meaningful when a sense of belonging is experienced. This, in our view, originates when we recognize our connection to community.

Courage. Our clients value candor. We have the courage to do that which is right in the moments when we are most challenged, when it might be easier to take a path of lesser resistance.

Excellence. We aspire to a standard of excellence in all that we do. Delivering our very best toward the benefit of each client is paramount to our success.

What We Believe

We acknowledge that "abundance" is present within our community, and we choose to view the world optimistically. We believe commitment, optimism, and a strong sense of self-awareness are desirable qualities. As executive coaches and consultants, we are steadfast in the knowledge that our clients, both individually and organizationally, are highly resourceful and capable.