• How can I lead from my personal values?
  • How do I become more self-aware?
  • How might I realize my career potential?
  • Can I become more resilient?
  • Can I reinvent myself through change?
  • How do we identify character strengths?
  • How do I manage uncertainty?


"When we change the way we see things the things we see change."




Companies and organizations face a host of challenges in today’s complex world – many are associated with traning and developing leaders as well as building and sustaining high performance teams for optimal strategic and operational effectiveness. These challenges require leading edge and proven processes to address the core behaviours that lead to high performance.

At Higher Ground, we draw on a number of trusted thought leaders and proven practices that in turn results in our ability to deliver focused assessment, training, individual / team coaching, and group facilitation.

Our team roster is represented by a consortium of accredited, experienced coaches, trainers, and business professionals, each of whom has invested many years developing specific training, ongoing development, and expertise, while working within an array of disciplines. With a network of coaches as affiliates, from across Canada, we are able to support clients that are medium and large in size. Included within our core team of representatives are:

Lara Masse MBA, CEC, PCC - Leadership & Team Effectiveness Consultant / Trainer / Executive Coach

Denise Ladouceur BA, BSC, CDC - Organizational Consultant / Executive Coach

Barb Francis CEC, PCC - Organizational Consultant / Executive Coach

Bliss Aime BA, PCC - Leadership & Team Effectiveness Consultant / Trainer / Executive Coach

Crystal Finnigan BA - Executive Assistant / Client Relations Ambassador

Executive / Team Coaching: We are often called upon to recommend and provide more than one coach, to ensure a high degree of confidentiality and care. Tapping into a cadre of highly regarded, trained and experienced professional coaches and facilitators (all certified and accredited by the International Coach Federation) also ensures that individual needs, such as background and “fit”, are factored into the relationship and process.

Training: Training typically requires two co-leaders to observe and work closely within an organizational system. Our trainers are highly skilled and well versed in organizational development and design thinking, and are carefully matched for this insightful and leading edge, action – focused experience.