• Do you want to expand your career but don't have a compass yet?
  • Are you trying to achieve better work-life balance while advancing in your career?
  • What are the blinders and barriers that prevent you from moving ahead?
  • Do you need to develop or deepen existing skills, to move conversations forward?



  • Enhanced awareness of self and others
  • Reduced stress
  • A healthy balance between work and other important aspects of your life
  • Advanced career aspirations and success
  • Clarity toward your goals and the actions you will take to achieve more, productively
  • Better relationships


What is the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching is a process that is entirely focused on peopleboth as individuals and as team members. An accredited Executive Coach works with you, using your agenda to break through to new thinking. Using advanced techniques such as appreciative inquiry, the coach is able shed light on who it is you truly are: your values, character strengths, inner potential, and the tools already available to you from your 'toolbox', to better manage, and navigate your course direction. Unlike training or mentoring, which both teach people how to do things, coaching supports the process of finding your own solution.

Mentoring is external guidance and advice from an individual who is typically an experienced, senior level resource, usually with more 'stripes' in a similar context to your own. A mentor shares their own experiences and knowledge, while making suggestions on how you might refine your skills, offers solutions, analysis, and input on how to improve your business acumen. A mentor will bring their own success and failures to the table and will utilise this to confer with clients when engaged in a conversatin about strategy and practice.


Sometimes clients may want both a coaching and mentoring experience. We refer to this as Mentor Coaching, and in our early discussions we will evaluate whether this is something you might want and need.

Executive Coaching is an investment that many organizations are now making in their aspiring leaders, senior managers, and executives. It is an experience that has the power to spark profound changes at every level, by working with the client's agenda for progress and helping individuals and their organizations to achieve personal, professional, and business objectives through greater self awareness and clarity of strategic direction.

Those who hae benefited from coaching report being able to manage people better, make decisions with greater clarity, learn to recognize the 'roadbumps' when they appear, and generally navigate challenges with greater competence and confidence. These results are measurable, and can be seen in a more effective team and on the balance sheet.

Like astronauts, athletes, and accomplished performers, professionally coached individuals are often able to develop, communicate, and act in a more collaborative mannerthey become more powerful individually. With coaching, we find new ways to look at and percieve things, especially when examining tough situations. This affords the individual an opportunity to innovate and think from a place of higher ground, or at a higher level. The sustainable impact of coaching can have an immediate, transformational effect on people, in particular on quality of thinking and conversations, which others can see and feel, resulting in enhanced motivation toward success.

At Higher Ground, we offer an unrivalled accredited coaching proposition that will advance the success of your leaders. Imagine your people reach targets, work efficiently with teams and illuminate the way to success. With the combination of practical expertise we bring from our own senior leadership roles in business, and executive coaching credentials, experience, and accreditation, you'll receive the finest that coaching has to offer, proven by the positive changes in yourself and the response of those around you.

We believe that strategic thinking partnerships require time and discussion, so we will assist you in addressing any blinders or barriers that might be holding you back. If there are none, it may be that you need insight from an objective partner to define your career path and any decisions you may need to take. If you have a strong ambition toward executive leadership for yourself, then you are likely already aware that most people who enjoy this level of success have, at some point, engaged a mentor or coach as an objective advisor to help them get there.