• Does you organization's leadership team represent a balance of character and diversity at the management level?
  • Would you like to be more inspiring?
  • Could you aim higher with a coach working alongside you?
  • Do you need an objective Mentor Coach to guide and reinforce your effort?



  • Strengthen your own organizational capabilities and leader bench strengths,
    to improve business
  • Increase focus on skills that are proven to advance the success of leaders
  • Create role models for future senior managers and leaders
  • Inspires younger team members to achieve
  • Gain 'Top Employer' credibility


The executive landscape is changing and Leadership Development programs are helping to make good business people, and good businesses, even better.

Leadership is an interaction that creates comfort with personal responsibility and commitment towards a vision.

We believe that all leaders stand powerfully to make a difference; they are in fact, resonant.

At Higher Ground, we view leadership development as the process of elevating the creative competency of leaders, including the bench strength of your organization, in the areas that bring us closer to the realization of vision, both as individuals and organizations.

A truly great leader never stops learning and developing their leadership skills and competency. And they do recognize that change is far more likely to stick, when reinforced by a powerful coaching relationship.

Our leadership development initiatives are a strategic investment focused on both the individual and the organization in which they serve. We incorporate a range of techniques throughout the learning and development process, while undertaking the exploration of character, creative competency, behaviour, and ways of thinking and feeling. The individual takes ownership of their path and map for success, through the Learning & Development Plan.

For both individual and organizational programs, we will work closely with your executive sponsor and key members of your team to design a program that may include:

    • Climate / Effectiveness Surveys to evaluate the current state of your organization, team, and individuals
    • Self-assessment and 360 / Multi-rater feedback
    • Executive Coaching, individual and team sessions
    • Peer training and learning sessions / workshops focused on the topics most critical to performance
    • Meta-message feedback for organizational development consideration
    • Measurement of the program, as baseline, interim and conclusion evaluations

Statistically Speaking

Hay Group reports that up to 40% of Fortune 500 companies now use Executive Coaches, and that number is increasing, while Business Week magazine (Conlin, November 2002) includes American Express, Pfizer, Unilever, Bain & Co., on its list of organizations that retain Executive Coaches.