Who have we worked for?

    • Sherritt International
    • Telus
    • SAP
    • Stantec
    • DynaLIFE Dx
    • Alberta Government
    • University of Alberta
    • Alberta School of Business
    • Adler International
    • Knightsbridge
    • UAP / NAPA Inc.
    • Layfield Group
    • Bucyrus Canada
    • Alberta Chicken Producers
    • City of Leduc
    • Enbridge
    • City of Edmonton
    • Health Canada


A thoughtful and integrated approach to advance your success begins now.

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We know that most situations are unique and that a thoughtful, integrated approach is needed to succeed.

The business environment continues to deliver increased VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity), and even market disruption, and the future of leadership is evolving. This, in response to the escalating complexity of business and the need for leaders who have the creative competency to thrive while cultivating environments that can meet the challenge and demand for sustainable performance.

Having the creative capacity within your leadership team, to meet this environment effectively and with the energy to respond, rather than react, is not only a strategic priority, it is more likely a distinct competitive advantage. It is the new leadership imperative.

We have the ability to reinforce your response to this need, by cultivating leaders who are capable of navigating this complexity.

While most approaches are focused on the horizontal development of managers and leaders – the skills, competency, and capability, we encourage a vertical focus, that not only looks to the development of capability but more importantly, to develop the creativity and capacity that is necessary to meet the challenges that leaders are faced with in today’s world.

By evolving the manager or leader in a more transformative manner, we are better prepared to lead. Our approach involves paying careful attention and listening closely, to understand your needs. We will introduce the Universal Model of Leadership™ and explore with you the ways in which you can get focused around on your development opportunities – the investment that is most likely to render a return and the desired impact you have in mind. This is not a one and done interaction, but rather, is based upon incremental steps, and a proven process, that guides the development of your leadership team over time.

  • Is your leadership a distinct competitive advantage?
  • Is it perhaps costing you?
  • How might you know?
  • Are you intrigued by these questions?

We know that the performance of your business will never exceed that of your senior leadership team. With all other things being equal, the organizations who have more effective leaders in place will outperform the competition.

We employ a complete leadership development system to encourage the improvement of both individual and collective leadership. This is achieved in part through the use of The Leadership Circle™ Profile and the most obvious impact is improved business results, over time. Assessment is only a part of the leadership development expedition. The system is a more comprehensive and integrated approach to enhancing not only the effectiveness of individual managers and leaders, but more critically, the collective leadership of a larger team.

For both individual and organizational programs, we work closely with the executive sponsor and key members of your team to design a program that may include:

    • Self-assessment and 360 / Multi-rater feedback
    • Executive Coaching, individual and team sessions
    • Peer learning sessions or workshops focused on the topics most critical to your success
    • Meta-data and messaging feedback for organizational development consideration
    • Measurement of the program, with baseline, interim and follow up evaluation