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We offer a variety of services that are focused on improving the overall effectiveness of teams. To ensure greater clarity, please consider the following definitions and corresponding activities, so that you may in turn consider your specific requirements.

Team Development

Team Development is perceived to be any process carried out by a team, with or without assistance from outside, to develop its capability and capacity, to work well together, with its jointly held task.

Team Building

Team Building is any process used to help a team in the early stages of team development, such as 1) a newly formed team, or 2) in the instance where the team has a new leader, or 3) several new additions or departures have significantly altered the structure and performance of the team.

Team Facilitation

The activity of Team Facilitation involves a specific person (or persons) who are asked to facilitate the team either a) to resolve a particular conflict or difficulty, b) to review its ways of operating and relating, or c) to carry out a planning or strategy process.

Team Process Consultation

Team Process Consultation is a form of team facilitation where the team consultant sits alongside the team carrying out its meetings or planning sessions and provides reflection and review on ‘how’ the team is going about its mandate and associated tasks.