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Leader To Leader

Systems Thinking (L2L-ST-755)

Systems Thinking is a practical approach for dealing with the “big picture” and can be helpful in virtually all aspects of life, on the job and off. In this particular course, participants will practice systems thinking in order to find high leverage actions, changes, and interventions.

Participants will learn about Systems Thinking, and taking the view of the whole organization and its long-term health. Because systems thinking capability requires practice, we use the systems thinking elements in individual and small group exercises with feedback. This will increase skills for understanding the causes and dynamics of performance (both good and bad), as participants make progress on current work issues through class exercises and group projects, resulting in an increased ability to help a team understand complex problems.

Experience & Impact

Participants consider what it means to think of and strengthen their leadership at three levels: ME (Self), (WE) Team, and (IT) Organization. As participants continue to invest energy in leadership at the level of Self, greater focus is added at the levels of Team and Organization, and the anticipated ‘holonic shift’ occurs. Leader To Leader is itself an exercise in Systems Thinking and an investment in sustainable productivity when the topics selected receive high focus. Topics to be explored, and outcomes include:

  • Increased understanding of Senge’s approach to Systems Thinking and system archetypes
  • Why Systems Thinking is the “Fifth Discipline” and its relationship to the other four disciplines
  • Systems Thinking as a point of view, using practical questions to bring out this point of view
  • How systems drive dynamic behaviour and feedback structures; the basic building blocks and how to use them
  • A Systems Thinking process for dealing with any situation, and learning in the process

Participant Focus

  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders, including those emerging from a technical / supervisory leadership role
  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders who in need of developing effective leadership skills

Schedule / Investment

Schedule Training Hours Location Investment
October 4 - October 11, 2017 10 Hours Edmonton, AB $1,495 plus GST
January 22 - February 1, 2018 10 Hours Edmonton, AB $1,495 plus GST
March 9 - 26, 2018 10 Hours Edmonton, AB $1,495 plus GST

This course runs over a minimum of two sessions (10 training hours) excluding time for meals and breaks, and is limited to 6-10 participants per session.