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Leader To Leader

Leading and Managing Through Change (L2L-LMTC-715)

Change used to be sporadic at one time – and was therefore something we reacted to when it occurred. In today’s turbulent business environment, change is a constant. One could argue, in fact, that change is the real job of leaders. And when it’s part of a daily routine — leaders need to be prepared with multiple approaches.

This course examines the thought leadership of world-renowned experts who have been at the forefront of major organizational change for decades. Participants learn that Leading and Managing Through Change is quite different from change management. And that it requires more than just changing systems or processes – it more often involves changes in behavior.

Experience & Impact

Leading and Managing Through Change involves an active-learning approach using the interactive course experience to demonstrate key steps in leading and managing others through change. This course integrates the importance of stakeholder mapping and analysis, designing coalitions, and strategic communications planning, culminating into an exercise that enables participants to apply newly acquired perspectives and techniques to a particular challenge. Participants develop:
  • Valuable insights that broaden participant understanding of and alter perspectives on change
  • Learn to leverage specific applications, frameworks, and techniques that will help participants drive behavioral change
  • Coalitions for targeted change initiatives and challenge-specific strategies
  • A point of view relative to role and context within any change initiative using the structure of Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis and Strategic Communications Planning
  • A clear understanding of the complexities involved in leading change
  • New insights on the organizational capabilities required for change initiatives within the workplace
  • Considerations for organizational culture design

Participant Focus

  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders, including those emerging from a technical / supervisory leadership role
  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders who in need of developing effective leadership skills

Schedule / Investment

Schedule Training Hours Location Investment
January 23 - February 9, 2018 10 Hours Edmonton, AB $1,495 plus GST

This course runs over a minimum of two sessions (10 training hours) excluding time for meals and breaks, and is limited to 6-10 participants per session.