"All meaningful change starts in the imagination and works its way out. Therefore, dream often ... and dream big."



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Many groups or teams struggle, despite their very best intentions. If you are in need of a facilitator, we can help.

Employing an appreciative inquiry and coach approach, we are able to work with your team to deliver meeting facilitation services that emphasize open communication, trust building, strengths recognition, values identification, consensus, and a commitment to action.

We begin by establishing clear measures of success and the objectives at hand. We then create the "space" necessary for participants to listen, hear, and understand one another and the differences, while moving toward the identification of opportunities for agreement and collaboration to help your organization move forward. Working with internal consultants, executive sponsors, managers, team leaders, and team members, our facilitator approach ensures that you are able to:

    • Clarify and agree upon goals and objectives
    • Identify potential obstacles and remove barriers to success
    • Establish strong individual commitments to get things done
    • Generate awareness and an appreciation for both individual and collective strengths
    • Underpin your strategic or organizational planning efforts
    • Create a shared vision, strategy, and action plan