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Despite their very best intentions, many organizations find the articulation of vision, purpose, and values to be a significant challenge.

Building upon your existing foundation and strengths, we strive to inspire and compel your leadership group toward the next critical level in planning for success.

Through a series of practical exercises and exploration strategies, we can work with your team to identify core values and corresponding value statements, develop a shared vision and mission statement and set the stage of strategic planning.

Once there, we support your team in making a strong commitment to the future through strategy exploration, purposeful discussion, collaborative activities, agreement, and action planning, all designed to result in the desired sustainable change and action going forward.

For this session, we employ a facilitator approach to:

    • Generate awareness and an appreciation for both individual and collective strengths
    • Clarify and agree upon goals and objectives
    • Identify the agreed upon vision and purpose
    • Develop the values manifesto and if warranted, corresponding core value groups with statements
    • Create a shared vision statement, strategy, and action plan
    • Identify potential obstacles and barriers to success